• 400 g of rigatoni 
  • 4 yolks 
  • 1 whole egg 
  • 200 g of guanciale
  • 90 g of pecorino romano cheese 
  • 30 g of grated cheese 
  • black pepper to taste. 
  • salt to taste


Beat the eggs in a bowl and add the pecorino and grated cheese, mixing well until the consistency is nice and creamy.

Boil a pot of salted water, and when it comes to temperature, lower the rigatoni. Heat a nonstick skillet and sauté the guanciale cut into strips without adding any other fat. Turn off once it has become crispy. Finish with plenty of freshly ground pepper. Saute the pasta in the fat released from the guanciale, adding a little cooking water to facilitate the release of the starches. Add the egg and pecorino cream to the pasta with the guanciale, performing this off the heat and after waiting a minute, and once the sauce is in, put in the cooking water and stir-fry by tossing or turning quickly.


Finish the dish with sprinkling of cheese and a grinding of pepper.


  • For a perfect carbonara: salt the water very little! The pecorino cheese and guanciale, in fact, will help give the dish just the right amount of flavor. 
  • The cut of meat: don't make it too thin, but thick enough to make it crispy on the outside but not dried up on the inside!

Enjoy your meal!

The carbonara


Er supreme intercourse between the pillow and the ova,

mist'ar grated cheese and pepper,

is the "nunpiusurtra" for throats and palates,

da fà godé co un emozzione nova.


Even bachelors and ammojas know this,

That the best dish in the world can't be found

And that magnà la "carbonara" giova,

To allignate tongue, mouth and stomach.


Use penne or spaghetti,

rigatoni are not to be disdained,

All you have to do is abbonni, when you put them on.


Don't let the cooking go to mush!

Ché de la pasta scotta, through gritted teeth,

it's better to have a carcio in the middle of the cojones....


Stephen Augustine